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Our Owner Financing Option

What is Owner Financing?

Owner financing on land is when the landowner offers to set up monthly payments to a buyer for the future purchase of the land. The owner acts just like a bank in this situation, giving you the land deed in exchange for completing your financing term. This means there are no credit checks to qualify for financing!


We start by signing a financing agreement and making a downpayment. Then monthly payments can be set up to be made automatically until it is paid in full. Once the property is fully paid off we will submit a deed with the county and the land will be transferred fully into your name. There are no penalties for paying it off early! 

We offer owner financing only on a select few of our properties. Check them out in our "Financed Properties" category in the Properties tab. 

Owner Financing Compared to Cash Price

Choosing a financing option over our low cash prices will make the total price of the property go up but allow you to secure the property with a downpayment and set up monthly payments on a term. 

Owner Financing is helpful when you don't have the full cash amount and you still want to invest in land and your future through small payments that you can make monthly.

When you are financing from us, the property stays in our name until it is fully paid off. This means you won't be able to pull permits in order to make improvements like surveying, septic tank, well, or electric hookups. 

If you can, outside financing would be better to get our low cash price, the property in your name, and still make monthly payments on your property.

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